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Ursula KroeberOctober 21, Berkeley, California, U.S.
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I guess I wish I had been. But I did the best I knew how to do. And Genly does learn a lot! Early on, Genly Ai is casually, almost incidentally, identified as black. He appears to have come from an enlightened version of Earth, where race is no longer a source of division—although gender still is. Did you believe, while writing the book, that racial difference would be an easier barrier for society to overcome than gender?

Most readers of science fiction then and now are white.

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Science-fictional characters, then, were white and nothing said about it. But what do you know? This sneaky approach has paid off recently for me personally, in some very touching letters from people of color who wanted me to know that my books particularly the Earthsea series were the very first s. But the atmosphere of the book is fairly austere, and we never see happy kemmerers, except briefly in the hearth-tales. Was the book in any way a response to the free-love ethos of the sixties?

Oh, no. I was pretty shy about writing about sex. And particularly about sex that might seem, to the usual s. How did you envision this shortened experience of motherhood for Gethenians? The hormonal bond between a nursing mother and her baby could be considered as powerful as that between kemmerings. Wow, did I only give them six to eight months to nurse? How stupid! A clear reflection of the strange and universal American ethnic practices concerning childbirth and early maternity, to which I was fully subjected as a three-time mother.

In the fifties and early sixties, breastfeeding was not expected; the bottle was the norm.

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By , when I had No. But I went and made the Gethenians act like good American girls of ?!

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I am so sorry! Why is that? What is the metaphorical significance of incest in the book? Why the taboo? What is the metaphorical significance? The theme was just there. A given. Then the critics can tell me what it Means. Estraven is a member of the Handdarata; to what extent does this determine his fate? I knew almost nothing of Tantric, but a little about other forms of Buddhism, particularly Zen; and probably some elements of Taoist thought also got into the Handdara. During the journey across the ice, Genly Ai draws the yin-yang symbol for Estraven. Could you tell us about the influence Taoism has had on this book and on your writing in general?

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Have you ever travelled in such a landscape? What kind of research did you do before writing those scenes?

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This California girl never saw snow till she was seventeen. Loved the stuff! Then I got hooked on the narratives written by the early unmechanised Antarctic explorers, Scott, Cherry-Garrard, Shackleton, etc. Plus some actual research, reading books about how they handle winter in Finland and such places. You describe the geography of Gethen, but provide no map, unlike in your Earthsea novels. Why not? Did you draw a map for yourself when you were writing the book? I always draw a map. Here they are.

Ursula K. Le Guin, Beloved Portland Author, Has Died

The story follows Ged, who is now the greatest sorcerer in all of Earthsea, but who was once an audacious youngster known as Sparrowhawk. In his youth, Sparrowhawk was perhaps ambitious to a fault i. This is part of what makes it a good place for new Le Guin readers to start: the social commentary is already woven into themes that feel familiar. This award-winning novel may or may not be part of a large series known as The Hainish Cycle, which refers to a number of her books that take place in the same imagined universe and connect to one another in various ways.

People write me nice letters asking what order they ought to read my science fiction books in — the ones that are called the Hainish or Ekumen cycle or saga or something. They do not form a coherent history. There are some clear connections among them, yes, but also some extremely murky ones. And some great discontinuities….

In other words, while the novels of The Hainish Cycle do link to each other in one way or another, they ultimately each serve as standalone novels that can be read in any particular order. The most famous of the Hainish books, it follows Genly Ai as he travels to the planet Gethen on behalf of the Ekumen — a confederation of planets located in the world of Hainish. However, to make any kind of connection with the Gethenian people, he must first come to understand their culture which is highly influenced by the fact that Gethenians are ambisexual. In other words, their gender is entirely fluid.

Like A Wizard of Earthsea, The Left Hand of Darkness explores questions of identity and society — but in very different ways, and within a sci-fi frame. As a result, her critiques unspool delicately and slowly throughout the course of her narratives, welcoming readers aboard her train of thought, as opposed to shoving her observations in our faces. Le Guin seems acutely aware of the fact that some realities are better grasped as metaphors or in our periphery — that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, so to speak.

In addition, it offers a good primer to the aforementioned Hainish Cycle.

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The fantasy and science fiction community pays tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin

The Dispossessed follows Shevek, a physicist and the inventor of the ansible. Shevek is on a mission to reunite Anarres, a moon settled by utopian anarchists, and Urras, a planet of warring nations and fractured political ideologies sound familiar? Why start here? Of course, just because A Wizard of Earthsea. The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story.

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