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In Greek mythology, Atreus was a king of Mycenae in the Peloponnese, the son of Pelops and Pelops did not wish to share the credit for the victory. As Myrtilus died, he cursed Pelops and his line, further adding to the house's curse.
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But is it enough to justify murder?

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A forbidden romance in a world ravaged by war,the life story of Klytemestra gives a new perspective on the great Agamemnon, and his much-maligned deserted wife. This book is not intended to perpetuate the stories we all know from books and movies. Suggestions that the story is not accurate are largely based on modern retellings in film, which are in themselves usually grossly inaccurate.

Every character except one is real, every event is real.

The Curse of Mycenae

Apart from artistic license, this book is as accurate as was humanly possible. In researching this book I have taken the tale back to the earliest sources, bringing together the accounts of ancient historians and playwrites and in the process, fleshing out the lives of the characters involved. Please read the Author's Note for an account of my research and my justifications for decisions made in the crafting of this book. If you do not agree, I suggest you consult the sources yourself before you pass judgement.

I hope you will understand the spirit and the investigative journey that led to my version of the story.

I have previously published novels and short works under the pen name Ella Stradling. The Atreids were carrying a heavy curse that tormented the family for many generations.

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Pelops had two sons, Atreus and Thyestes. According to the myth, before the two boys came to rule in the Argolid the area around the town of Argos , they were sent to exile by Pelops because they had killed their step-brother Chryssipus , the illegitimate son of Pelops.

The two brothers arrived in Triphylia and Thyestes suggested to the local nobles that they should be recognized as Kings of the region. More particularly, Thyestes suggested that the carrier of the Golden Fleece, given by God Hermes, should become the King. Atreus supported this idea with great pleasure because God Hermes had given the Fleece to him.

Zeus decided to intervene and prevent one more injustice; he told Atreus to bet with his brother on the throne, saying that the following day the sun would rise from the west. Thyestes accepted gladly and the next day he had to give the throne to his brother, because indeed, the sun rose from the west.

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He sent word home for her to come in some versions of the story on the pretense that she was to be married to Achilles. Iphigenia accepted her father's choice and was honored to be a part of the war.

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Clytemnestra tried to stop Iphigenia but was sent away. After doing the deed, Agamemnon's fleet was able to get under way. While he was fighting the Trojans, his wife Clytemnestra, enraged by the murder of her daughter, began an affair with Aegisthus. When Agamemnon returned home he brought with him a new concubine, the doomed prophetess, Cassandra. Upon his arrival that evening, before the great banquet she had prepared, Clytemnestra drew a bath for him and when he came out of the bath, she put the royal purple robe on him which had no opening for his head. He was confused and tangled up.

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Clytemnestra then stabbed him to death. Agamemnon's only son, Orestes, was quite young when his mother killed his father. He was sent into exile. In some versions he was sent away by Clytemnestra to avoid having him present during the murder of Agamemnon; in others Electra herself rescued the infant Orestes and sent him away to protect him from their mother. In both versions he was the legitimate heir apparent and as such a potential danger to his usurper uncle.

Goaded by his sister Electra , Orestes swore revenge. He knew it was his duty to avenge his father's death, but saw also that in doing so he would have to kill his mother. He was torn between avenging his father and sparing his mother. But a son who killed his mother was abhorrent to gods and to men'. When he prayed to Apollo , the god advised him to kill his mother. Orestes realized that he must work out the curse on his house, exact vengeance and pay with his own ruin. After Orestes murdered Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus, he wandered the land with guilt in his heart.

After many years, with Apollo by his side, he pleaded to Athena. No descendant of Atreus had ever done so noble an act and 'neither he nor any descendant of his would ever again be driven into evil by the irresistible power of the past. This story is the major plot line of Aeschylus 's trilogy The Oresteia.

Plato in his dialogue The Statesman tells a "famous tale" that "the sun and the stars once rose in the west, and set in the east, and that the god reversed their motion, and gave them that which they now have as a testimony to the right of Atreus. The first English language translation of the Oresteia in contributed greatly to the development of the Romantic period in literature. There is a possible reference to Atreus in a Hittite text known as the "Indictment of Madduwatta ". The indictment describes several army clashes between the Greeks and the Hittites which took place around the late 15th or early 14th centuries BC.

The Greek leader was a man called Attarsiya, and some scholars have speculated that Attarsiya or Attarissiya was the Hittite way of writing the Greek name Atreus.


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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the asteroid, see Atreus. For the videogame character, see Atreus God of War.